Hacking in Crypto: Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Measures

themerkle.com – Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest threats of our time, with about 7% of the world’s economic output at risk of being stolen. Blockchain technology is one solution, which is why so many new …

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Main Street Cybersecurity: Can Email Be Safe?

ctovision.com – Working with a small business owner based in Pennsylvania last month, a question arose that serves as the title for the second article in the “Main Street Cybersecurityâ€� series- “Can Email Be Safe?â€� …

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Is Blockchain Really Disruptive in Terms of Data Security?

infosecisland.com – Despite the fact that Blockchain technology is widely associated with cryptocurrency and is primarily known as the innovation pushing Bitcoin and Bitcoin price up, experts have been predicting a much…

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These are Asia’s cities to watch

jllrealviews.com – At the heart of every emerging economy are the dynamic cities powering their rapid development. Across Asia, many of these enterprising cities have become home to large clusters of business services,…

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DNA designer bodies could soon become mainstream

futurism.com – Imagine a world where we can design the bodies we want. In this reality we can also create, and recreate, the plants and animals that live alongside us. We can alter organisms and mold them into what…

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