Which programming languages are useful for hacking

techworm.net – Many of our readers often send us queries about which programming language they should learn. Some want to know quick fix hacking solutions. Almost all tech gadgets are built with coding. Every App, …

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Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda

smallwarsjournal.com – After visiting repeatedly, I moved to Ukraine from the United States in 2012. My parents had been born in Ukraine and taught me some of the language during my childhood in Queens, NY. Being so close…

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Container security tips for the C-level, from a CISO

csoonline.com – Container security has been gaining steam over the last few years. Many enterprises are experimenting with containers, and a recent 451 report showed that 25 percent of companies have already impleme…

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10 Women in Security You May Not Know But Should

darkreading.com – Kelly Jackson Higgins contributed to this article. Cybersecurity doesn’t have enough people. The industry is expected to have 1.8 million unfilled positions by 2020, a 20% increase from 2015 and sign…

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The State of ICO Regulation Around The World: An Update

fintechnews.sg – Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been all the rage these past years raising an estimated US$4 billion globally. An increasing number of startups, in the blockchain space and beyond, are opting for …

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Businesses still do not have a cyber security plan in place

smallbusiness.co.uk – Nearly half (45 per cent) of small businesses don’t have a cyber security plan for their business according to research by Smith & Williamson, the accountancy, investment management and tax group. Th…

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