What is the cost of a data breach?

kaspersky.co.uk – The more deeply new technologies infiltrate business processes, the more important data protection becomes. Nowadays, a single successful cyberattack can cost a company a significant portion of its i…

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Coca-Cola hit with insider breach, 8,000 affected

scmagazine.com – The Coca-Cola Company announced a data breach today possibly affecting about 8,000 workers due to a former employee having in their possession an external hard drive containing employee personal data.

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Stress Relief App Infects Facebook Users With Malware

threatvector.cylance.com – Is digital painting and coloring just as relaxing as ‘regular’ painting and coloring? Perhaps it is. But if you want to try it yourself, you’d be better off using Adobe Photoshop or GIMP than install…

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The Art of Deception in Leadership

brooklynartproject.com – â–¼Advanced Personal Leadership Series X4â–¼Breakthrough Ideas for May 2018 (2 of 2) | Images Hyperlinked MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS | 2018 EDITION | VOLUME 49 Ever find yourself bemused—hurt—because you tho…

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Google patches reCAPTCHA bypass vulnerability | ZDNet

zdnet.com – Google has resolved a security vulnerability in reCAPTCHA which allowed threat actors to bypass the system. ReCAPTCHA is a free offering from Google to protect webmasters against robots and bots desi…

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No Smiles for Coca-Cola After Data Breach

infosecurity-magazine.com – The threat of malicious insiders is one that Coca-Cola knows all too well now that it has had to disclose a breach after a former employee was discovered to have stolen a hard drive. According to Cyw…

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resources.infosecinstitute.com – One of the quickest ways to develop cybersecurity skills and gain some experience is by earning one of the many available certifications. That leads to an important question: What is the ideal certif…

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7 most innovative Fintech companies right now

forexnewsnow.com – Modern technologies are disrupting almost every industry. Easy access to internet makes it more convenient for companies to start offering services online. The finance sector has not been an exceptio…

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